This is a picture of the 1920 Franklin (Pennsylvania) team. This is a so-called "outlaw" professional team, also considered semi-pro by some researchers. The team competed with other independent teams in western Pennsylvania, most notably joining with Oil City to form the Two Team League.

From left to right, the photo shows Jim Borland, Stretch Meehan, Joe Willis, Walter Kinney, John McCarthy, Ed Gerner, Breckenridge (Manager), Harry Pearce, Marty Kavanaugh, Harry Crossin, Steve Yerkes, Gene Layden, Joe Harris, Harry O'Donnell, Walter Harned, Manuel Cueto and Larry Gent. Some of the names disagree with the labels in the photo. Where contemporary newspaper accounts use a different name I give the name used in the newspaper.

Several players on the team had (verifiable) major league experience— Willis, Gerner, Pearce, Yerkes, Harris and Cueto. A few other players are tentatively identifiable (these are possibly correct, but not verified)— Kinney, O'Donnell and the minor leaguer Layden.

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