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A mad veterinarian has created three animal transmogrifying machines.

Place a cat in the input bin of the first machine, press the button, and … whirrr … bing! Open the output bins to find two dogs and a mouse.

The second machine can convert a dog into a cat and a mouse, and the third machine can convert a mouse into a cat and three dogs. Each machine can also operate in reverse (e.g. if you've got two dogs and a mouse, you can convert them into a cat).

The mad veterinarian has handed you two cats, and expects you to convert them into three dogs. Can you do it? Can you handle the other conversion tasks he asks of you?

If you need help with the applet, press the ? button. Or follow the link below for how to solve these puzzles. The different conversion tasks can be selected from the Puzzle Choice pop-up menu.
How To Solve Mad Veterinarian Puzzles
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