This packing fills a 10x10x10 cube with 166 hexacubes and one 2x2x1 tetracube. The pieces have been partitioned into ten chunks, 8 of which form the coners of the cube, surrounding a central core comprised of the other two chunks.

Each of the 8 corner chunks consist of 19 hexcubes. These are arranged to fill a 5x5x5 cube with 11 pieces missing from the interior corner. The corner chunks are fully interchangable and can be rotated 120 degrees with respect to the cube's long axis.

Exchanging and reorienting the corner chunks gives 264,539,520 "different" solutions for the 10x10x10.

The two central chunks each have 7 hexacubes. Together, these two chunks from a 4x4x4 cube with a raised 2x2x1 on five of the six faces (the chunks split the core down the middle). The sixth face can be covered by the single tetracube.

The two panels below allow you to step through the solutions, either with all the chunks side-by-side, or with the chunks packed into the whole 10x10x10. Clicking on "previous" or "next" advances through the solution images. If the images load slowly in your browser, you can first step slowly through the solutions backwards, allowing hte images to load. Once all the images have loaded into your browser's cache, you should be abe to step quickly through the solutions in either direction.

Piece names for the hexacubes are as per the standard established by Kate Jones at Kadon Enterprises, which appeared in the Journal of Recreational Mathematics in 2004.

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