Programs to count the number of ways of tiling an NxM grid with polyominoes of a given size (or size range), allowing duplicate pieces, and counting tilings that are symmetrically equivalent once for each replicate.

The python version was my initial work for this problem, and should be considered as a feasibility study. It interprets command line options but has speed and memory issues for heptominoes (and larger pieces). The C version is much faster and is able to handle piece sizes up to nonominoes. However, it has no command line parsing, and all options are set at compile-time (see the program header for details).

Python Version updated Mar/9/2010 updated Feb/13/2010

C Version
    fledge_hog.c updated Mar/9/2010
    rand32.c updated Feb/14/2010
    rand32.h updated Feb/14/2010
    Makefile updated Feb/14/2010

G4G9 Article
    counting_9x9_tilings.pdf updated Mar/13/2010