(This was my first java puzzle applet)

typical puzzle

solution (spots show how mnay times to click each cell)

This puzzle consists of 27 cells. When you click on a cell, the six neighboring cells change colors (cells on the edge have fewer neighbors). The goal is to change all cells to black.

Each cell can be one of five colors; color will change in the sequence shown in the diagram in the upper left corner of the puzzle window. Following the diagram in clockwise order, a cell will change from orange to yellow, yellow to blue, blue to pink, pink to black, and black back to orange.

To change all the cells to black, you'll need to click on just the right cells. If you think you've made a wrong move, take back moves by pressing the UNDO button. If you aren't able to make much progress, get back to the initial coloring by pressing the START OVER button. Or, reduce the number of moves needed to solve the puzzle by typing a smaller number in the PUZZLE MOVES box before pressing START OVER.

Different puzzles can be selected by name; Type a name in the PUZZLE NAME field and press the START button. Random names will be generated for you if you press the NEXT PUZZLE button instead of START.

The "Group" selection determines whether the solution can contain the same move more than once. In group 1, all moves are different. In group 2, at least one move must be made twice (but none three times). Group 3 requires at least one triple move, and group 4 a quadruple move.

Use the CLEAR button to clear the puzzle and then make a few clicks to explore how combinations of clicks effect their neighborhoods. Hold down the shift key while you click to reverse a click operation. This will show you what the puzzle would look like if you needed the same operations to clear it.

Every possible coloring is solvable (for example, in 45 moves you can change the upper left cell from pink to black while returning all other cells to their original color). Use the SHOW SOLUTION button to see how many times you'll need to click each cell to change them all to black. The clicks are shown as black or white spots within the cells.