Bob’s 1993 Christmas Puzzle Card

This was the first of my series of annual Christmas puzzle cards. It’s a maze that incorporates folding of the card.

Front of card
Back of card


Print the two images of the card (see links to the images, above) on separate sheets of paper. Glue them together back to back, with the top edges of the front and back along the same edge, taking care to line up the printed area. Trim off the excess paper (the area outside the printed area). Fold forward and backward along the two dotted lines.


Your goal in the maze is to move from Santa to his sleigh. Along your path, you must encounter the eight reindeer in the correct order, which is the order they are mentioned in the famous poem “ A Visit From St. Nicholas”, attributed to Clement Clarke Moore. You can move as you would in a normal maze, and you can also move from one side of the card to the other by folding the card. For example, looking at the front of the card, you can fold the left third of the card to the right, bringing Dancer next to Dasher.