Bob’s 1999 Christmas Puzzle Card

Labeled Ornaments

These labeled ornaments are supposed to form a phrase from a Christmas Carol. But the labels have fallen off. Can you put the labels back on to form the phrase and so that the top number on each ornament matches the total of the numbers on its label and those adjacent to it (as shown by the dashed lines)? The total of the numbers on the labels in each row is shown for extra help.

  1. The goal is to place one of the 21 labels on each ornament so that when read in the normal order, the letters on the labels will spell out a line from a well-known Christmas carol.
  2. Each ornament shows a total and has room for one label. Each label contains a number and a letter.
  3. The total on each ornament is the result of adding the number on its label to the numbers on the labels close to it (as indicated by the dashed lines).
  4. For example, if you placed four labels in the upper left corner as shown here, they would have the proper total, 37, for the indicated ornament.
  5. Each row total is the result of adding together the numbers on the labels of each ornament in that row.


Solution (don't look if you don't want to see the solution!)