Bob’s 2004 Christmas Puzzle Card

Alphabet Soup

Santa’s elves are taking their lunch break, and the North Pole cafeteria has served up alphabet soup. How many Christmas words can you make using exactly one letter (or star) from each bowl?

  1. The goal is to form Christmas words using one noodle (a letter or star) from each bowl.
  2. For example, starting with the top bowl and moving clockwise, you can spell  L I G H T S *
  3. You do not have to choose bowls in any particular order, but a word cannot use more than one letter from the same bowl.
  4. Words can be as short as four letters (but you’ll need to use three stars). Or they can be as long as seven letters (with no stars).
  5. Every noodle should be used at least once.
  6. More than 30 Christmas words can be formed.
For an additional challenge, try to figure out which two elves look the same.

Word List (don't look if you don't want to see them!)
A lettered dice version of this puzzle.