Bob’s 2008 Christmas Puzzle Card

Santa ‘Round The World

The goal is to form a complete path from the north pole, visiting every part of the world and returning to the north pole. Place each disk (see below) on one of the empty circles, and line up the paths with the paths coming into the circle.

Trace your path along the lines with your finger. If you have gone over all 16 lines you have solved the puzzle.

For additional challenges, try to find a path that satisfies these seven constraints. The more constraints you satisfy, the fewer ways there are to solve the puzzle. There is only one solution in which all seven are satisfied.

Santa must visit...
  1. Tokyo before Buenos Aires
  2. Perth before Monrovia
  3. Columbo before Djibouti
  4. Baghdad before Helsinki
  5. French Polynesia before New York
  6. Lima before Djibouti
  7. Miami before London
Here are the five discs, which you should print and cut out.

Solution (don't look if you don't want to see it!)