Answers to Christmas Conundrums.
  1. Q: How does Santa deliver to all those houses in one night?
    A: My sister says this is why we have time zones.
  2. Q: How does Santa deliver gifts inside houses that don’t have a chimney?
    A: Even if the side house doesn’t have a chimney, the main house can still have one.
  3. Q: How does Santa eat all those cookies and not get sick?
    A: Nobody gets sick from eating too many cookies. That’s just a story your mom made up because she didn’t want to buy more cookies.
  4. Q: Does a Partridge in a Pear Tree really make a good Christmas Gift?
    A: No. Absolutely not.
  5. Q: Do Partridges eat pears?
    A: This is irrelevant, given the answer to number 4.
  6. Q: Why do sugarplums have their own fairies, but candy canes don’t?
    A: Unfortunatley, Mr. Tchaikovsky took this secret to his grave.
  7. Q: Why isn’t Keabo on the card?
    A: All of the other elves used to laugh and call him names. They wouldn’t let poor Keabo join in any elfin games.
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