(1) The names, in the context of the poem:
        called them by nAMENOw dasher now dancer
        while visions of sugARPLUms danced in their heads
        he was chuBBYANd plump a right jolly old elf
        drawn up like a BOWANd the beard on his chin
        i in my CAPHAd just settled our brains
        he haDABROad face and a little round belly
        on comet on cupiDONDUnder and blitzen
        he looked like a pEDDLEr just opening his pack
        i knEWINA moment it must be st nick
        the prancing and pawing oFEACH little hoof
        as i drew in my head and was turninGAROUnd
        not a creature was stirrinGNOTEven a mouse
        merry christmas to all and to alLAGOOd night

(2) The first letters of the elves’ names encode the tune “Jingle Bells”.

(3) The first letters of the elves’ names represent the notes in a musical scale. The flat-topped hats indicate flats in the scale. With this interpretation of the elves’ names, the red-hatted elves form the key of B.

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