Bob’s 2016 Christmas Puzzle Card

Gift Cards Puzzle

Santa Claus needs your help.

One of the reasons Santa can deliver presents to the entire world in one night is organization. The months leading up to the glorius night are spent on planning and preparation. No detail is too small.

One detail is the storage of gifts in the sled-loading warehouse. Care must be taken so that every shipping pallet contains 36 gifts, in 6 equal rows, pre-wrapped in 6 colors. To evenly distribute weight, no row or column may contain two gifts of the same color.

Santa gave the elves a set of cards showing the arrangement of gifts. But one of the elves dropped the cards — now they are out of order


Cut out the 6 cards, cutting along the dashed lines.
low-res cards   hi-res cards

Arrange the cards so there are six gifts in each row and column, with each row and column containing one gift of each color. Some cards may be rotated, with the bows toward the bottom of the diagram.

The numbers on the cards are not relevant to the puzzle. They are included only to help you keep track of the cards.

Solution (don't look if you don't want to see it!)