A10-H21-C5-F7 LOOM
A11-A2-E14-H18 SINK
B1-E21-H6 WIG
B2-D3-G27-E16-H26 HORSE
B10-D16-G13-H1-C12 SNAIL
B12-H14-G7-D10-E25 MOUSE
B14-E7-H30-C11-E8 SHIRT
C1-C8-F26-H22-E12-H29 JESTER
C4-G4-E23-E3-D6 TEDDY
C6-D8-H24-A1-H13-G11-G15 THISTLE
C13-H16-H12 DOG
D1-G20-B8 FIR
E5-E2-H27-H25-C3 LUCKY
E6-F11-H31-G21-E4-H20 PISTOL
E9-F25-D11-D7-E24-E1 HUNTER
E15-A4-G10-F19 OVEN
E18-A5-G29-G33-E20-E11-B4 DESSERT
F4-F1-F12-H28-A7-F6-H11-D9 WISHBONE
F5-B3-D2-E19-C10-A6 MIRROR
F8-D15-B6-C7-H7-E22-B5 MACHINE
F14-H8-F10-D13-G24-G19-F23 INKWELL
F16-G5-H33-F15-H34-D4-D5 GYMNAST
F22-G26-B9-G31-A8 CHIME
G1-G6-H23-G28-E13-G32-F9 HOLIDAY
G9-F20-G8-F18-C9 STRAW
G12-F24-G17-D14-H5-G16 FARMER
G14-B13-A9-A3-E10-B11 MALLET
G25-G2-H9-G3-F21-H3 CANVAS
H2-F3-F17-F2-E17-G23 TASSEL
H4-C2-H17-G30 BOOT
H15-H19-H35-F13-D12 LASSO
H32-B7-H10-E26-G22-G18 THIRTY

A: Silver Bells
B: White Christmas
C: Joy To The World
D: Frosty The Snowman
E: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
F: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
G: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
H: Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

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