Bob’s 2019 Christmas Puzzle Card

Flappy Cube Maze


You are to guide Santa to the North Pole visiting each of his friends along the way.

Starting on the Santa Claus spot, find a path to the North Pole without crossing any solid black lines. The path will pass over each of the five friends.

The path can move from one face of the cube to another as long as it does not cross a black line. On two of the faces, Kanaloka and Pelznickel, as you enter the face you can optionally fold a flap onto the face and move onto the flap, as long as you don't have to cross a black line to do so.

Constructing the cube

The puzzle folds to a cube with two hinged flaps, like this:

(1) Print the puzzle image (above) on card stock. You can get a higher- resolution version of the image by clicking on it.

(2) Cut along the outlines. There are no interior cuts.

(3) Fold along the dashed lines.

(4) Position tab 1 under the square with Julenisse on it, aligning the lines on that square with those on the Kanakaloka square. Tape the Julenisse square to the Kanakaloka square (taping over the edge of the cube).

(5) Repeat for tabs 2 thru 5. Tabs 6 and 7 will be under the Santa Claus square, unattached.

(6) Fold flap A flat against the Santa Claus square, and tape the back of flap A to the Kanakaloka square.

(7) Similarly, tape the back of flap B to the Pelznickel square.

Higher resultion drawing, better for printing
Solution (don't look if you don't want to see it!)