Bob’s 2021 Christmas Puzzle Card

Foldable Ornament

The card, suitable for printing:

outside inside

Construction Instructions

(1) If your card has been pre-cut, pop out the outline of the figure. Otherwise cut the outline of the figure, using scissors or a craft knife (e.g. X-Acto). Do NOT cut any of the interior lines.

(2) Poke a small hole in the two O tabs.

(3) Fold each O tab so that the O is next to the color side of the paper.

(4) Fold all the other tabs underneath the figure.

(5) Fold along all interior lines, in same direction as the tabs.

(6) Glue tab A to A, B to B, and so on. The object will begin to take on a roughly spherical shape, with the tabs on the inside.

(7) Glue tab O to O last, leaving it outside the object.

(8) Insert an ornament hanger in the hole in the Os.
Ornament hanger not provided.
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