Paddachee is a class of games in which you earn points by forming patterns. With different patterns and point values you get different games, each with its own strategies and scoring pace. Several game choices are available below.

In each game two players alternate turns, claiming cells on either a square or hexagonal grid. If the cells you claim form one of the scoring patterns, you get the corresponding points. A computerized opponent is provided, with an adjustable difficulty level.

In the example shown at right, 2x2 squares are worth two points while a line of four in a row is worth one (this is the game “Square and Line” below). The blue player has managed to form a vertical line (indicated by the 1). The pink player has not yet scored any points, but is threatening to form three separate squares and one line. These threats are shown as pink numbers. Immediate threats are shown automatically so that scoring does not come as a surprise.

Beginners should try “Square and Line” or “4 in a Row” before trying any of the more complicated versions.
    Paddachee, Square and Line

How To Play Paddachee
Square and Line (smaller version)
  F Pentomino (smaller version)
  4 in a Row (smaller version)
Mickey and Minnie (smaller version)

Design your own square-grid Paddachee game.
Design your own hexagonal-grid Paddachee game.