Bob’s 2018 Christmas Puzzle Card

Scrambled Mugshot

A string of overnight home break-ins was reported on Christmas morning. Police were baffled until they examined a photo from a homeowner's security camera, which showed the culprit — caught in the act. But before an arrest could be made, one of the officers inexplicably cut the photo into a bunch of tiny squares. Your goal is to reconstruct the photo from the pieces.


You are to copy the pieces into the drawing. Pieces belong in the same row, or column, where they are shown (as indicated by the arrows). No piece is shown next to a piece it belongs next to in the photo. Gray squares should remain empty.

If you need a hint to get started, or are stuck, you can look up a piece in the table to the right to find where it belongs, using the letter/number coordinate system. The table can also be used to find what piece belongs in a certain position. Other hints.

Piece A4 has already been placed at E4. You may find it helpful to mark off pieces you have placed, as is shown below in red.

Higher resultion drawing, better for printing
Solution (don't look if you don't want to see it!)