Bob’s 2023 Christmas Puzzle Card

North Pole-ominoes

A new game swept the break room at Santa’s workshop in 2023. “North Pole-ominoes” are a little like traditional dominoes, but show three symbols instead of two numbers. And they have symbols on both sides. As in dominoes, one north-pole-omino can be played next to another if they have a symbol in common.

For example, in the four north-pole-ominoes shown below, B can be played next to A because both have the ornament symbol. Similarly, B and C have the gingerbread man, while C and D have the snowman. (Note: these are different cards than the ones in the puzzle.)

The goal is to arrange the cards (see below) in sequence so that the second card has a symbol in common with the first, the third has a symbol in common with the second, and so on. You can use either side of the card, but the common symbols should be on whichever side of the cards you choose as the top.

• The first challenge is to find such a sequence using all five cards.

• The second challenge is to find a sequence using all five cards, with the first and last cards also having a symbol in common.

Puzzle Cards
Print the puzzle image (below) on card stock. You can get a higher-resolution version of the image by clicking on it. Fold along the long center line so the rectangles for 6 thru 10 are behind those for 1 thru 5. Lightly glue in place. Cut the outline of the cards using scissors or a craft knife (e.g. X-Acto), so that you have five cards.

Higher resultion drawing, better for printing
Solutions (don't look if you don't want to see them!)
Cover art from the physical card