Welcome to Bob’s Snugwords Puzzle Page

Snugwords are word puzzles— sort of a cross between a crossword and a jigsaw. The goal is to arrange the lettered tiles into the puzzle grid to form correct answers on each row.

In the example at right there are 18 tiles each consisting of 3 letters. In the puzzle you would be shown the pieces scattered around the window and would have to figure out where they go.

Some puzzles (such as the one at right) have a theme but no clues. Others have clues for each row. Quotation and narrative variations give you larger pieces to form into full sentences.

How To Solve a Snugwords Puzzle
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Themeless Snugwords Puzzles
Quotation-Style Snugwords Puzzles
Ten Letter Words Snugwords Puzzles

Movies, Television, etc.
Alfred Hitchcock Movies Feb/13/2002
Billy Wilder Movies Apr/6/2002
Christmas Movies Dec/13/2002
Disney Movies   (smaller) Dec/26/2003
          (for kids) Dec/24/2004
James Bond Movies   (smaller) Nov/27/2002
Ron Howard Movies Mar/20/2002
Steven Spielberg Movies   (smaller) Mar/9/2004
Film Noir   (smaller) Jul/16/2005
Funniest American Movies—
     Part 1   (smaller) Aug/6/2005
     Part 2   (smaller) Aug/6/2005
     Part 3   (smaller) Aug/6/2005
     Part 4   (smaller) Aug/6/2005
Movie Links—
     Chevy to Ford   (smaller) Mar/4/2002
     Clod to Hopper   (smaller) Mar/15/2008
     Earth to Moon   (smaller) Mar/6/2002
     Jennifer to Brad   (smaller) Mar/9/2005
     Marshal to Dillon   (smaller) Mar/20/2002
     Parker to Brothers   (smaller) Feb/27/2002
     Tom to Katie   (smaller) Mar/8/2008
Classic TV Sit Coms   (smaller) Feb/19/2002
Looney Toons Characters   (smaller) Feb/27/2002
          (for kids) Mar/2/2002
Obscure Looney Toons Characters
          (smaller) Feb/27/2002
Hanna-Barbera Cartoons   (smaller) Sep/9/2002
Simpsons Characters   (smaller) Sep/22/2002
Dick Tracy Villains   (smaller) Dec/25/2004
Batman Villains   (smaller) Mar/9/2008
Obscure Batman Villains   (smaller) Mar/9/2008

Christmas Carols Feb/21/2001
Christmas Movies Dec/13/2002
Christmas II   (smaller) Feb/21/2001
Christmas III Nov/27/2002
Christmas VI   (smaller) Dec/14/2008
Christmas VII   (smaller) Dec/22/2009
  Christmas VIII   (smaller) Dec/22/2011
Santa Claus #1   (smaller) Dec/2/2003
Santa Claus #2   (smaller) Dec/24/2004
Santa Claus #3   (smaller) Nov/25/2006
Twelve Days of Christmas Dec/18/2004
The Mystical Woodchuck   (smaller) Aug/6/2002
Labor Day   (smaller) Sep/22/2002
Narrative #25   (smaller) Dec/2/2005
Narrative #26   (smaller) Dec/24/2005

Douglas Adams #1   (smaller) Mar/9/2004
Douglas Adams #2   (smaller) Mar/9/2004
Dave Barry   (smaller) Jul/13/2008
Robert Benchley   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
Yogi Berra   (smaller) Dec/24/2005
Ambrose Bierce   (smaller) Sep/9/2002
Erma Bombeck   (smaller) Dec/18/2004
Lewis Carroll   (smaller) Aug/28/2002
Calvin Coolidge   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
Augustus DeMorgan   (smaller) Aug/28/2002
Edsger Dijkstra   (smaller) Mar/7/2002
Albert Einstein   (smaller) Sep/10/2002
Dwight Eisenhower   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
Benjamin Franklin #1   (smaller) Dec/24/2005
Benjamin Franklin #2   (smaller) Dec/24/2005
C.A.R. Hoare   (smaller) Dec/2/2005
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.   (smaller) Jul/13/2008
Lyndon Johnson   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
John Kennedy   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
Abraham Lincoln #1   (smaller) Sep/10/2002
Abraham Lincoln #2   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
H.L. Mencken #1   (smaller) Sep/9/2002
H.L. Mencken #2   (smaller) Jul/14/2009
Ronald Reagan   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
Will Rogers   (smaller) Aug/24/2008
Franklin Roosevelt   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
Theodore Roosevelt   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
Henry David Thoreau   (smaller) Mar/6/2002
Carl Sagan   (smaller) Dec/2/2005
Mark Twain #1   (smaller) Feb/13/2002
Mark Twain #2   (smaller) Dec/18/2004
Mark Twain #3   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
Harry Truman #1   (smaller) Dec/25/2004
Harry Truman #2   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
Orson Welles   (smaller) Sep/10/2002
Walt Whitman   (smaller) Dec/2/2005
Woodrow Wilson   (smaller) Mar/12/2005
William A. Wulf   (smaller) Jul/11/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1967   (smaller) Mar/21/2005
Pop Music Hits, 1968   (smaller) Mar/5/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1969   (smaller) Aug/10/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1970   (smaller) Mar/5/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1971   (smaller) Jul/11/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1972   (smaller) Mar/21/2005
Pop Music Hits, 1973   (smaller) Aug/3/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1974   (smaller) Dec/24/2005
Pop Music Hits, 1975   (smaller) Oct/25/2007
Pop Music Hits, 1976   (smaller) Aug/24/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1977   (smaller) Mar/6/2004
Pop Music Hits, 1978   (smaller) Aug/6/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1979   (smaller) Mar/7/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1980   (smaller) Aug/27/2005
Pop Music Hits, 1981   (smaller) Aug/27/2005
Pop Music Hits, 1982   (smaller) Mar/6/2004
Pop Music Hits, 1983   (smaller) Aug/6/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1984   (smaller) May/21/2006
Pop Music Hits, 1985   (smaller) Mar/5/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1986   (smaller) Aug/8/2008
Pop Music Hits, 1987   (smaller) Mar/6/2004
Classical Composers   (smaller) Mar/6/2004

Geography and So Forth
U.S. Cities/Population   (smaller) Feb/21/2002
          (for kids) Sep/6/2002
U.S. State Nicknames   (smaller) Feb/13/2002
          (for kids) Mar/3/2002
European Union   (smaller) Mar/14/2002
Pennsylvania Counties   (smaller) Dec/13/2003
Pennsylvania Rivers   (smaller) Aug/5/2005
Cities On Interstate-10   (smaller) Mar/9/2008
Cities On Interstate-40   (smaller) Mar/9/2008
Cities On Interstate-80   (smaller) Jan/1/2004

Sports and Athletic Competitions
Baseball’s All-Time Home Run Leaders   (smaller) Dec/24/2005
Largest College Football Stadiums   (smaller) Feb/24/2002
Oldest College Football Stadiums Aug/11/2002
Heisman Runners Up   (smaller) Dec/18/2002
Summer Olympics Host Cities   (smaller) Jul/13/2008
Winter Olympics Host Cities   (smaller) Jul/13/2008

Classic Board Games   (smaller) Apr/25/2002
Classic Odyssey2 Video Games   (smaller) Dec/22/2003
Early Arcade Video Games   (smaller) Jan/1/2004
Candy   (smaller) Mar/12/2002
Dog Breeds Feb/15/2002
Ice Cream Flavors   (smaller) Mar/11/2002
Inventions   (smaller) Sep/7/2002
More Inventions   (smaller) Sep/7/2002
Even More Inventions   (smaller) Jul/17/2003
Arthur C. Clarke novels   (smaller) Jul/13/2008
Perry Mason Novels   (smaller) Jul/16/2008
More Perry Mason Novels   (smaller) Jul/16/2008
Still More Perry Mason Novels   (smaller) Jul/16/2008
Five-Letter Pizza Words Mar/6/2002

Themeless #1   (smaller) Jan/1/2004
Themeless #2   (smaller) Jan/1/2004
Themeless #3 Jan/1/2004

Ten Letter Words
Number 1   (smaller) Apr/3/2003

The Mystical Woodchuck   (smaller) Aug/6/2002
Root Beer   (smaller) Sep/6/2002
Hunting   (smaller) Sep/22/2002
Labor Day   (smaller) Sep/22/2002
Piano   (smaller) Sep/22/2002
Nittany Legends   (smaller) Oct/10/2002
Tulipomania Mar/23/2003
Chewing Gum   (smaller) Mar/23/2003
Early Computers   (smaller) Dec/24/2004
Santa Claus #1   (smaller) Dec/2/2003
Santa Claus #2   (smaller) Dec/24/2004
Santa Claus #3   (smaller) Nov/25/2006
Christmas VI   (smaller) Dec/14/2008
Christmas VII   (smaller) Dec/22/2009
  Christmas VIII   (smaller) Dec/22/2011
The Shadow Dec/17/2004
The World Wide Web   (smaller) Aug/12/2005
Narrative #14   (smaller) Aug/13/2005
Narrative #15   (smaller) Aug/17/2005
Narrative #16   (smaller) Aug/18/2005
Narrative #17   (smaller) Aug/20/2005
Narrative #18   (smaller) Aug/20/2005
Narrative #19   (smaller) Aug/20/2005
Narrative #20   (smaller) Aug/24/2005
Narrative #21   (smaller) Aug/27/2005
Narrative #22   (smaller) Aug/27/2005
Narrative #23   (smaller) Aug/27/2005
Narrative #24   (smaller) Aug/28/2005
Narrative #25   (smaller) Dec/2/2005
Narrative #26   (smaller) Dec/24/2005
Narrative #27   (smaller) Aug/29/2008
Narrative #28   (smaller) Aug/30/2008
Narrative #30   (smaller) Aug/2/2009
Narrative #31   (smaller) Aug/2/2009

For Kids
Disney Movies Dec/24/2004
Looney Toons Characters Mar/2/2002
U.S. Cities Sep/6/2002
U.S. State Nicknames Mar/3/2002
Planets Mar/20/2002
Twelve Days of Christmas Dec/18/2004