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Santa and the reindeer are lost in a North Pole blizzard! And to make matters worse, the reindeer were out grazing on the glacier and can’t get back to the workshop. Luckily, Santa had the foresight to set up signposts to mark the path from his workshop to his sleigh. And he equipped the reindeer with reindeer-cams so he could keep track of where they were. Now he can use those to see the signposts and figure out where his path is.

The 99 signposts are laid out on a square grid, numbered 1 through 99, with signpost 1 next to signpost 2, 2 next to 3, and so on (diagonals don’t count). Through a reindeer-cam, he can see the four nearest squares to that reindeer. Your goal is to help him figure out where each numbered signpost is so he can hitch up the reindeer and get to his sleigh.

The locations of the eight reindeer are shown above as blue dots. The area each reindeer-cam can see is shown in light blue. When you wave the cursor over a dot, you’ll see the four numbers that reindeer can see on nearby signposts. These are shown in a little yellow popup box. The tricky part is you aren’t told what order the numbers appear in; you’re only told the numbers, not the order. The only other information you know is that, when santa walks along his path, he will come across the reindeer in the correct hitching order (from Dasher to Blitzen).

Using logic, you can figure out which number (from 1 to 99) belongs in each square. It’s up to you. Otherwise, Christmas will be late this year.

For additional help, try the HELP button or the solving example.

“paper” version of this puzzle

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