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    Christmas Puzzles
  (2023) North Pole-ominoes Dec/7/2023
(2022) Santa’s Puzzle Rings Dec/8/2022
(2021) Foldable Ornament Dec/1/2021
(2020) Santa Doesn’t Have A Clue Dec/9/2020
(2019) Flappy Cube Maze Dec/10/2019
(2018) Scrambled Mugshot Dec/9/2018
(2017) Scrambled Christmas Song Titles Dec/17/2017
(2016) Gift Cards Puzzle Dec/11/2016
(2015) Elves of the Round Table Puzzle Dec/13/2015
(2015) Christmas Word Puzzle from 1911 Dec/13/2015
(2014) Criss-Crossword Puzzle Dec/9/2014
(2014) Santa Pops Out Of The Chimney  (low res) Dec/29/2014
(2013) Christmas Timeline Puzzle Dec/15/2013
(2012) Twisty Reindeer Paths Puzzle Dec/18/2012
(2011) Message In A Blizzard Dec/23/2011
(2011) Christmas Snugword VIII Dec/22/2011
(2010) 55 Elves Flexagon Puzzle Dec/14/2010
(2010) Christmas Squiggly Sudokus III Dec/23/2010
(2009) Santa’s Sleigh Packing Puzzle Dec/22/2009
(2009) Christmas Snugword VII Dec/22/2009
(2008) Santa ‘Round The World Dec/13/2008
(2008) Christmas Snugword VI Dec/14/2008
(2007) Sliding Letters Dec/15/2007
(2007) Christmas Squiggly Sudokus II Dec/16/2007
(2006) Naughty or Nice Nov/24/2006
(2006) Christmas Squiggly Sudoku Nov/25/2006
(2006) Christmas Snugword V Nov/25/2006
(2005) Ornamental Exercise Nov/30/2005
(2004) Alphabet Soup Puzzle Dec/1/2004
(2003) Reindeer Blizzard Puzzle
(2003) Christmas Snugword IV
(2002) Holy Tiles Puzzle
(2002) Christmas Snugword III
(2001) Rooftop Lights Puzzle
(2001) Christmas Snugword II
(2000) Christmas Carols Snugword Puzzle
(1999) Labeled Ornaments Puzzle
(1997) Wiggly Maze
(1996) Wiggly Word Search
(1995) String of Lights Puzzle
(1993) Reindeer Maze

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